Creativebug iPhone & iPad App - Video Craft Instruction 

Creativebug aims to be your go-to source for online art and craft instruction.  We created a native mobile experience so subscribers could browse for and watch video workshops on the go. The Application was developed for the iPhone and iPad.

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As an avid maker and crafter myself I was thrilled to work on this project. Creativebug provides subscription based video workshops from top designers and crafters in the field. We felt that a mobile app and tablets in particular provided the best avenue for crafters while they were in the process of creating. They can prop their tablet up while sewing and watch a few videos about different finishing technique. Or save a video workshop about a knitting technique and watch it while traveling.

Exploration and Discovery

I started off the design process by looking into other applications in the making, watching and learning space. Because of the high quality content we knew we wanted to keep the UI as minimal as possible and really let the beautiful photography shine. This app was started right on the cusp of the Apple iOS 7 update and we quickly adopted a minimal styled to the UI.

Sketches, Wireframes and Redlines

I was responsible for leading the design of this application from the ground up. I collaborated with the mobile manager and Creativebug founders to define the product goals and features, mostly guided by the existing web features. After initial meetings with stakeholders and the developers on the team we defined what we would like to build, best practices, problems the exiting users have that we can address. We worked in a loose agile structure and after I finished wire framing the app out the developers started working on blocking our the functionality while I worked on the final visual designs.


The Senior designer at Creativebug created a design style guide for the mobile app and we collaborated on applying that style to the mobile app. We focused on creating a design system that could be applied across the app. We worked to break down the interface into building blocks and then work up from there, starting with the Apple user interface elements and navigation patterns and then creating custom controls when needed. I finished up creating redlines and working with QA to make sure that all the features were build and followed the design specifications.

Promotional Video

Creativebug was very excited about the application and created this promotional video to introduce the new app.