I Am – Daily Affirmations & Adobe Livestream

I Am - Daily Affirmations is personal project I worked on with Monkey Taps.  The app sends you local push notifications in the form of positive messages through out the day to encourage positive thinking. 

Contribution: Product Development, Wireframes, Visual & Interaction Design.

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App Update & Adobe Livestream

The developer and I have been chatting about updating this application and expanding the features for a bit now. Around the same time I was asked to join for an Adobe XD Livestream. I used the opportunity to work on some feature expansion for the app. During the Livestream I worked on adding categories and a purchase view. Prototyping out some animations and how we may adapt the designs for Android.

Here’s a link to the streams if you are interested in checking them out.

Day 1: UX Design work

Join Product Designer Noelle Stransky on Adobe Live as she redesigns a daily affirmation app using Adobe XD. This week, Noelle will show you how to design for any screen as she refreshes the experience for a real app called "I Am - Daily Affirmations."

Day 2: Prototyping, Android and Tablet


A Positive Interception 

This app was created out of a personal desire. I found myself pretty alone in a new city after a bad breakup, in the mornings I would often habitually check my social media and news before I would even get out of bed for the day. Often what I would read and see would influence my mood for the rest of the day. If the news was stressful I would start getting stressed, something sad and I would end up bummed, party I missed out on I would feel bad. What I wanted to create was something that would intercept this habit and steer me towards more positive thinking before I was even able to pull up social media. 

I AM is simple, you choose a series of words and the number of times a day you would like to get the alerts. The app will then send you push notifications with the simple messages. As I used the application I found myself pleasantly surprised with the notifications. In my head I'd often end up thinking "Oh hey! I am awesome!" or "I am cheery!" It succeeded in intercepting my negative thoughts and we've had good reactions in the app store also. We white labeled the application and the developer I worked with has used the framework to build other applications with motivational quotes. 

App Store Reviews

" I was skeptical about this app from the beginning but I was really surprised at how much I enjoy it! The notifications are subtle and always make me snap back to the moment and remember who I really am. I love it. "

" Depression and anxiety are daily struggles for me, stemming from a low self esteem. Post-it notes and notecards aren't as practical as they used to be as a means of regularly reminding yourself to affirm who you are. I always have my phone, so throughout the day I'm constantly being reminded that I am valuable, beneficial, and lovable. Though I don't always believe these periodic notifications, I always read them. "