My Plate Calorie Tracker - Android Application

MyPlate is a mobile app that helps you reach your diet, weight loss and fitness goals by tracking your daily calories and exercise. I was the design lead for the redesign of’s Android application. I worked embedded inside the software development team and delivered sketches, feature workflows, wireframes, visual design specs and collaborated with developers to launch the application. 

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Research & Sketches

At the start of  a project I like to take the time to sketch out some UI’s on paper, I find its easier to try out several directions and organize all of the good and bad ideas swirling around into one place. I also sketched out flow diagrams for the tracking food logic. 


Team White Boarding Sessions

With the team we would do white boarding sessions where we would talk about the primary tasks the user would need to complete in the application and block out the architecture. Based on these sessions I would then use Sketch to create a wireframe of the application and work with the developers to build out the user interface. 




Areas of Exploration

Floating Action Button

When we started the project the Floating Action button was a new design element on Android. According to Google’s Design Spec

Floating action buttons are used for a special type of promoted action. They are distinguished by a circled icon floating above the UI and have special motion behaviors related to morphing, launching, and the transferring anchor point.

The primary focus of the application is tracking, food, water, weight and exercise. Using the FAB as the main tracking action we believed would help decrease tracking times and make the often tedious process easier for our users. 

Persistent Search

Another hypothesis we are explored was exposing search on the home screen of the application. The primary action of the application is to search for the food you have eaten to then track. My hypothesis was that if we put search at the forefront of the application that people can find the foods they want to add quicker.





Final Design Flows