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Lag Report is a new tool that compares your League of Legends  connection to others in your area, showing you which ISPs and network setups get the best results. It also includes a bunch of tips on how to get the most out of your connection and breakdowns of what causes lag and ways to fix it. We’ve aggregated data from billions of games of League of Legends to allow players to compare their League connection against your ISP and other ISPs in your area.

While on this project I was responsible for Leading the UX Design, User Research and UI design for the responsive mobile website. Lag Report has launched worldwide in most League Regions (Brazil, Russia, Latin America, Turkey, European Union, North America, Oceania and Japan). 

Interested in seeing how your internet connection performs? Visit Lag Report  


Research and Sketches

Design Iterations and Feedback Sessions


User Testing Sessions

When we started this project the team discussed the need to do several rounds of User Testing. Some of the challenges and assumptions we wanted to test were around the Player's desire for more or less data and how this information may be perceived in different regions globally.   

I helped coordinate and run two separate user testing sessions. We created an Invision prototype of the website and tested in person with about 8 players.  

After iterating on the designs based on feedback from this first session we needed to test a second time with international users. Thankfully because of Riots global presence and diverse pool of employees we were able to source Players in the Los Angeles who had recently moved to the US from other countries internationally. 


Unstable - Network.png

Teaching Complex Ideas

One area that stood out early on in the project was for the need to teach the basics of network connectivity. If players had experienced a connection issue often there default was the blame Riot and the Game. But the reality is there are many steps along the way which can lead to failure. The #1 take away from the user research sessions was for the need to educate on what happens with your connection when your playing a game. Also because of the lack of options in the United States many players felt that it was out of there control and were resigned to a poor experience. 

On we added an entire section "What can I do?" (View Website) outlining steps players can take to improve there connection quality. We also added other areas that would walk players though possible pain points and how to remedy them. 


Visual Design

For the visual design of the project I worked with Riots Web Design system Lead to create a design that fit within Riot's branding guidelines. I worked with internal visual designers who created a set of Icons for the website and with internal publishing coordinators for videos that were used in the product launch marketing. 

The best way to view the final designs (which the team has been iterating on since the launch) is at


What Happens when I Press Q?

Interested in learning more about the impact that various factors have on your internet quality and gaming performance? Take a look at the video our team produced for