ZipRecruiter - Job Seeker Android 

The Android application for ZipRecruiter allows job seekers to take their job search on the go. I joined the team as the Android designer to help update the product to modern Material Design styles. I work embedded inside of the Android development / product team on all features, A-B tests and updates we do. 

ZipRecruiter - Google Play Store Link


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Information Architecture Re-Build

Initially I spent time researching and documenting the current structure of the application, and worked to propose an alternative structure. 


Design System - Style Guide

Starting on this project I knew I needed to create a design framework that was representative of ZipRecruiter while also feelings natively Android. 


Color and Illustration

One of the exciting areas I pursued was the addition of more color and illustration in the application.


Navigation Animations

To properly communicate the vision of the redesign to the team I created a prototype in Principle to show off the header animations. 


Alerts Cards

One feature we are testing is a series of cards that encourage job candidates to fill in more profile information. 

Because of these cards we have seen a lift in resume upload. 


On-Boarding Update

We elected to replace the existing conversational on-boarding with a quicker flow. We opted to use a magic link for sign in, and are using the phone location to make an educated guess on results to serve. 




Samples of design comps and page flows for the On- boarding redesign. (Tap to Enlarge)